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September 9, 2010 / elgart calago

The Use Of Images On Your Blog

The use of images on a blog is a good way to add more interest and impact to your valued postings. The right image can highlight a point or make a point all on its own. A picture is certainly worth a thousand words. It is perfectly appropriate to add one or more pictures to any and every blog posting.

When Images are a Must

There are some times that images are a must to add to your blog. If you are blogging about a particular person, place or thing an image is a must. For example, if you are talking about a new car model on the market you should have one or more images of the model with the new posting.

You do not want to leave your followers disappointed that they are unable to see what you are talking about.

How to Get Images

You can find images online. You need to check and make sure you can use the images on your blog without there being a copyright infringement. Give the sources of the image or images when you post them as well.

A Google image search or a Flickr image search should help you find images for just about anything you are blogging about. You can also use drawings, cartoons and other images to highlight a point.

Size and Placement

If you are adding images to your blog you want to make sure they are sufficient size to convey what you are intending to convey. Typically a blog posting will contain a thumbnail or smaller size of the image that appears embedded in the posting. When someone clicks on the image it should increase to its fullest size to show greater detail.

Images can be put in various places within a blog posting. For the most impact you want to consider putting the image in the top right corner of the blog posting. Centered on the bottom of your posting is another good option for an image.

The Bottom Line About Images

The bottom line is you should try to use images to convey a point or emphasize a point on your blog. Images make a blog more appealing while adding greater impact. Make sure the images you use are appropriate for your readers and that you have permission to post them on your blog. Follow these guidelines and add some images to your blog.

By Frank Breinling

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