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October 23, 2010 / elgart calago

Graphic Blogging

If you are thinking of graphic blogging, you have to have patience, since there are so many people indulging in graphic blogging, and thousands of vector images which are part of graphic blogging, that it becomes difficult to be a successful graphic blogger.

What is graphic blogging?

When you include a design, for example bringing a vintage postcard into your blog, and creates templates for blogging, the designer blog is known as graphic blogging. Why do the designers go on blogging? There are two primary reasons for this. Interaction with others becomes valuable, and that is the main reason. When you hide yourself in your own niche, and do not interact with other designers, you can miss out. Since designers do form a large online community and most of them are likely to give feedback teach and help you to become a good designer, they indulge in this practice. Secondly, though blogging is a nice hobby, graphic designs can help you make money, though many do not start blogging to make money online. Graphic blogging can help you get more clients, and increase your selling as a designer.

6 steps for graphic blogging successfully.

1. Visit other graphic blogs. Vector images that have been brought into the blog can be a tool for designers to learn graphic blogging. You can become familiar with blogosphere as other designers read your graphic blog, and begin to add to it.

2. Since there are thousand of bloggers online, with new ones joining every day, your graphic blogging should not be another graphic blog. Find a niche to have longstanding marketing strategy. When you have defined the purpose, you will be able to set success to follow. Do not just blog about vector images, or templates collection, instead find an angle, start with creation of your own vector business card, and start having templates designed. You will be thus making graphic blogging a business proposition, by giving tips, advice, and more designers who want to make a living will join your brigade.

3. Make your graphic blog a resource, and not mere ranting about any particular subject. If you want your blog to grow, you should market it as a help to other bloggers. Include articles which can teach, persuade and in spite others. Market the blog through the social networking, as a graphic blog which should be read.

4. Social media is the place where the template collections should be exhibited. For each graphic blogging you should find a facebook fanpage or twitter account, or other social media links. If you don’t use them you will be losing a number of opportunities. .

5. All said content matters, as it is the king. The best of graphic blogging can be lost, if you don’t give information. Overindulging in making your graphic blogging the best is wasting time. Instead bring in interesting reading.

6. Your graphic design should have theme which is professionally created. Contrary to the advices, every one judges a book by the cover and a graphic design by its theme. Build a theme in a creative manner using vector images, and browse for wordpress themes online, where many tutorials are available to help you become a graphic blogger.


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