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November 16, 2010 / elgart calago

Vector Art- a new revolution

The vector art is boon to the world of computer illustrations. Actually the term hold a broader meaning which uses mathematical basis to get quality images. So it is a revolution in the digital field with unbeatable quality images. It is now a popular art that will replace the era of raster drawings. The vectorized art deals with the use of mathematical equations for every basic form of drawing to represent a picture on the screen. So the lines, curves and shapes of an image are represented by equations. The raster art is based on pixels and hence the vector art is more advantageous.

The vectorized art is selected for generating high quality images which can be enlarged to any size. This art form is specifically used for illustrations and logo designs. So we can define it as a type of digital artwork which will not degrade in quality even if we resize the image to any extend. In the case of normal pixelated images, it bears a computerized look. But vector art is successful in creating a real look with higher resolution. If you have patience and a basic knowledge about photo editing, you can easily make a vector art. The vectorized art can be transformed without losing the resolution of the picture. The picture can be enlarged, stretched or rotated in an easy fashion.

The vector art gives the special advantage of selecting and transforming any component of a picture. Because of the mathematical platform, the artist will get exactly what he wants within less time. The illustration programs or drawing programs are used for creating vector artwork. Computer aided designing (CAD) and many of the 3D animation programs are vector art programs. Without redrawing the picture, the individual points can be tweaked into new points easily. The vector images can be stored in low sized files when compared to the larger sizes of raster files.

Vector artwork is gaining popularity in the graphics world and is highly customizable. If you are looking for high quality images with easy editing features, vector art is the perfect option. It features easy color changing options and you can quickly switch the gradients. For typical drawing applications, vector art is used extensively among the graphic designers.

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  1. freehandprofit / Feb 24 2011 8:17 pm

    When I was in high school my Art teacher pushed and pushed for me to start learning Illustrator. That was Illustrator 6 and now using CS5 I envy the clean, crisp lines when I’m working in some other material.

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